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Plants Producer
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm has been producing young plants and cuttings from the day it was founded in 1953.
The nursery owns a production site for plants and cuttings in Israel, and another one in Kenya.

Danziger breeds varieties of cut flower crops, and also of bedding and pot plant crops. The company's production department stores and maintains all of the its plant material used both for the breeding department requirements, and for the purpose of building mother stock for producing young plants and cuttings.

Cut Flowers:
The layout for production of young plants and cuttings for companies and growers, who grow cut flowers, includes mainly the following crops: Gypsophila, Chrysanthemum, Solidago, Limonium Sinuatum and Hypericum.

Bedding Plants:
The layout for production of young plants and cuttings supplied to rooting stations, brokers, distributors includes more than 30 different crops, the main ones being: Bacopa, Petunia, New Guinea Impatiens, Double Impatiens, Calibrachoa, Torenia, Verbena and more.

The chain of procedures carried out in our production layout is aimed to produce material free of diseases and viruses. Varieties chosen for commercial purposes undergo a series of tests for a range of viruses typical for that certain crop. Only after this, the mother stock is built from the material, or is supplied as mother stock material to our certified licensees to self-propagate under a signed royalty agreement.

All varieties are maintained in tissue culture at the company's laboratory in order to preserve them free of diseases and viruses. The lab provides the production department also diagnostic services for wide range of diseases and viruses. Furthermore, the lab produces mother plant material and supplies it as per requests /orders received from our customers worldwide.

In order to produce commercial quantities of the various varieties in tissue culture Danziger has contacts with several labs around the globe that produce material for us, especially for Limonium, Limonium Sinensis and Sinuatum.

The mother stocks of Danziger's entire range of products are planted in their greenhouses that are supervised by the Israeli Plant Protection Authorities (or the Kenyan Plant Protection Authorities when concerning mother stocks at their Kenyan production site, Beauty Line).

The company's facilities have been approved by the Plant Protection Authorities to supply cuttings and plants of the Solanaceae family (Petunia, Calibrachoa and x-Petchoa) to the European countries under a mutual agreement that the Dutch authorities and the Israeli authorities have.
Cuttings from the Solanaceae family are delivered to all the other countries around the globe as well.
Danziger specializes in maintaining private stocks of the Solanaceae family for European customers who usually preserve their stocks for all the other crops in Africa since the Authorities in Europe do not allow import of cuttings of the Solanaceae family from Africa to Europe.

Danziger's vision, in the aspects of production, is to constantly aspire to keep being one of the most professional and leading production companies in the world.
For this purpose, the company invests in a vast range of fields that support this target., The aforesaid enables us to be at a cutting edge with know-how on young plants and cutting production of the highest quality possible, free of viruses and diseases.
Targeted to reach this goal, ten agronomists at various roles are employed in the production department. For each crop in their assortment Danziger has someone appointed to be responsible for the crop and to bringing it to the highest level possible from aspects of growth quality and profitability of the crop.

The Company has an on-line communication layout between their various production sites, and their sales and shipping departments.

Additionally, we also uphold a layout for ensuring the quality of the end- product. This layout engages in training new employees, setting standards, and personal supervision over the entire team of workers in production of plants and harvest of cuttings.
The designated barcode system was developed to track and monitor the customers' orders, to have control on the plants and cuttings supplies, and to monitor capacity and the functioning of the employees -(quantitatively for production incentives), as well as quality-wise to guarantee that the standards required by their customers are met.

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