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Plant Breeder
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm has a talented and experienced team of breeders equipped with a highly advanced tissue culture lab, who breeds, tests and introduces new & improved varieties every season, putting special emphasis on breeding varieties for cut flowers, bedding plants and for the bio diesel industry..

The gene pool in the lab includes the entire range of varieties that appear in the catalog, together with the candidate varieties of the various crops for the coming seasons. The vegetative "bank" enables both the storage of material that is clean of diseases and pests and the maintenance of the young plants.

Danziger deals with both conventional and highly sophisticated technologies - such as Genetic Engineering in breeding varieties. The company also implements co-research projects together with the Agriculture Faculty at the Hebrew University and the Volcani Institute.

Danziger as a leading breeder of Gypsophila in particular (as well as other cut flowers) and a vast number of bedding plants and perennials takes utmost care of the varieties they breed; register them as patent varieties and grant licenses for propagating, growing, marketing and distributing their varieties around the world.

The company has gained vast knowledge and experience in all fields related to intellectual property matters:

  • Registration of patents and breeders rights
  • Registration of trade marks
  • Representation of other breeders - production, marketing, sales and distribution of varieties
  • Granting licensee agreements to grow, market, distribute and propagate
  • Supervision
  • Royalty administration
  • Legal consulting and taking actions against violations of intellectual property

As a leading breeder in ornamental plants, Danziger regards much significance to the entire matter of protecting intellectual property in general, and their assets (the patent varieties) in particular. Danziger has even led some very important legal procedures and precedents in the matter of breeders' rights, and specifically in the matter of derived varieties.

To mention a few important verdicts and precedents in the matter of derived varieties:
The verdict on the Mor varieties' case in Israel
The verdict on the Blancanieves' case in Israel
The verdict on the Bambino case in Holland

Danziger is also a member in the international breeders' organization CIOPORA, an organization that represents breeders from all over the world in all matters concerning protection of intellectual property and enforcing their rights. Danziger acts in cooperation with CIOPORA and with other additional breeders in the world in order to increase awareness and perception of intellectual property rights in the entire industry.

Danziger, as also other many breeders in the industry, believes that respecting intellectual property rights does not only concern breeders but also the entire trade.
The entire industry has a clear economical interest in effective protection of intellectual property rights and their enforcement. The entire trade shall benefit when new improved, advanced and innovative varieties that answer the changing needs of the customer (shape, color, scent, taste, and shelf-life) or the growers' needs (susceptibility to pests, and tolerance to various weather conditions and etc.) enter the market.
New varieties are a source for growth and increment of profits, they offer a wider choice to the customers and to the entire industry, create new and bigger demand, and usually urge higher prices in the market.

Danziger's main ambition as a breeder is to create innovative varieties. Nevertheless, to invest in breeding many resources, advanced technologies, time, money and know-how are required and the royalties paid to the breeder are not only a way to return the breeder's investment, but also an assurance to the entire trade to keep investing in breeding and creating more interesting and beautiful novelties for our industry.

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