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Bedding Plants
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm began breeding, producing and marketing bedding plants more than twenty years ago. The company has aimed their target to be amongst the three leading companies for each of the products they deal with, while following their core values as they appear in the Company's Vision, one being - to continue their status as a leading company.

Danziger believes in innovativeness hence they never rest on their laurels and keep demonstrating their extraordinary breeding over and over again with interesting bedding plants varieties.

Danziger was the first breeder to introduce to the world, the Calitunia® - the important brand name x Petchoa, a cross breeding between the genus of Petunia and Calibrachoa. This most impressive professional and scientific achievement demonstrates mostly the route of action the company took - being innovative, daring and a leading company.
The crop is not only a scientific triumph but also offers many advantages for the grower and the end consumer, since it combines only the best traits of both crops.

Danziger sets high standards in the bedding plants industry and another example for their breeding power is the Bacopa series - Scopia®.
The Scopia® varieties, especially the Gulliver varieties exhibit excellent performance, bringing to the market a most innovative product, unprecedented quality, a large pallet of beautiful colors that turned this crop to being a very important one in the bedding plants market.

Once again, Danziger proves that daringness, excellence and innovativeness could cause a revolution in the market place.
Danziger leading with Bacopa has pulled along many other breeders after them who now have taken on breeding the crop as well, consequently increasing the product's market share and expanding the consumer supply.

Danziger is not only innovative with the bedding plant products they offer but also with their marketing approach. They support their bedding plant varieties with high standard promoting campaigns, and an excellent distribution system through licensed brokers and leading companies around the world.

Danziger believes in ‘One Stop Shopping', service without compromise and has high regard for their customers; loyalty to customers is Danziger's most important value.
The company functions in a family atmosphere, which is well expressed also in their relationships built with their customers.

The list of products in which Danziger is considered as one of the leading in the bedding plants industry, is a very long one, consists of New Guinea Impatiens, Double Impatiens, Petunia, Calibrachoa, x Petchoa, Bacopa, Torenia, Jamesbrittenia, Bidens, Angelonia, Nemesia, Osteospermum, Argyranthemum, Scaevola, Brachycome, Diascia, Lobelia, Salvia, Portulaca and more.

Danziger believes that innovativeness, excellence, diligence, daringness and determination while being personally committed to their customers shall march their company always one step ahead!

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