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Cut Flowers
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm has been breeding cut flowers for the last 35 years focusing its energy on creating new and better varieties for the benefit of flower growers, traders, consumers and the entire flower industry throughout the world. During this period Danziger has gained world recognition in cultivars such as Gypsophila, Solidago, Chrysanthemum, Limonium and Hypericum to name a few.

Danziger's breeding strategy seeks to breed varieties that excel in productivity and other production related traits such as:

  • Friendly in harvest
  • Requiring minimum artificial lighting and hormone application
  • Faster growing and less irrigation necessity
  • Resistant or tolerant to soil disease

As for the finished products, Danziger aims to bring the widest range of colors shapes and sizes in each of the cultivars it is breeding using conventional and advanced breeding techniques and constantly investing is research.

Danziger recognizes the need to explore and test the newly bred varieties in different climate conditions and growing methods. As part of this recognition, Danziger operates five testing areas in major flower growing countries such as Kenya, Israel, Colombia and Ecuador. These test centers allow Danziger to quickly gain additional professional information, and enable the local grower to acquire firsthand experience in growing the varieties in the relevant climate using his own growing methods.

Danziger's agronomists together with their International network of professional agents and representatives visit the growers and deliver on site agronomical support in the growing phase and in the post-harvest procedures.

It is Danziger's belief that a good variety begins in a good grower, and invests wide resources in technical assistance and professional publications for the benefit of its customers.
Danziger has been a pioneer in its marketing and advertising approach, additionally to being committed to the growers and to the production process as a way of supporting and making sure the varieties will succeed.

Danziger believes it is important to be well connected with the wholesaler; retailer, trader, and consumer levels, while understanding there are different needs and tastes.
Danziger realizes that a good variety requires strong marketing support, therefore invests huge resources in supporting its varieties by investing in promotion campaigns as well as in exhibitions, fairs, marketing events and more. Danziger is a constantly learning organization, which seeks to improve all the time, bringing upgraded products that can excel in the dynamic market we are all facing.

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